NOW - a project by Rupert Smyth


The fourth edition of NOW is ready


featuring contributions by
Andro Wekua
Reto Pulfer
Richard Nicoll
Gareth Moore
Cheryl Serwa
Mathieu Malouf
Marcel Dickhage & Cathleen Schuster
Maxwell Simmer
James Moriarty
Martin Thacker
Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili
Nik Kosmas
Heji Shin
Magnus Unnar
Heinz Peter Knes

The third edition of NOW features contributions from the following


Laura Sciacovelli
Matthew Ronay
Andreas Larsson
Dirk Bell
Rosa Barba
Benedicte Sehested
Phillipa Horan
Kenichi Iwasa
Peter Kisur
Marcus Knupp
Robert Meijer
Kevin Philip Lasting
Ann-Sofie Back
James Richards
Anders Edström
Cyril Duval

The second edition of NOW features contributions from the following


Oliver Helbig
Fumi Nagasaki
Kate Shoults
Lotta Volkova
Valerie Stahl von Stromberg
Yoko Miyake
Melissa Gordon
Anna Norlander
Audrey Fondecave Tsujimura
Immo Klink
Chris Evans
Jan St. Werner
Martin Boyce
Hiroko Ueki
Hannes Hetta & Kacper Kasprzyk
Ellie de Verdier
Jason Dodge & Christine Roland
Matt Connors

The first in the series contains contributions by


Ben Grieme
Nampei Akaki
Lieko Shiga
Sandra Freij & Marie Chaix
Fumiko Imano
Benjamin Alexander Huseby
Dominic Goodman
Sylvia Farago
Marlene Marino
Lisa Rovner
Anna Clausen
Chess Black
Thomas Persson & Mattias Karlsson
Marcelo Krasilcic
Clarke Tolton

Contributors were asked to provide something for NOW. The project brief remained deliberately open, allowing for as many different interpretations as possible from the individual asked. Whether it be something they were currently working on, something that was infront of them, something that could represent the very word NOW itself, anything provided would be acceptable. The time itself that a project takes underlines the impossibility of attempting to achieve something in the immediate moment. The projects intention is to rein together a set of totally independent elements all considered to be of the moment and all entirely different moments so that they may become one single moment NOW.